Can I do my flight training and still be employed?

Yes!! All training is done on the availability of the student and the instructor. Your training will be scheduled over weekends, after hours and public holidays. All your training is scheduled with your time that you will be available. Your instructor will check with you before bookings are made for training.

International students

According to the VISA regulations for Student VISA all International students have to attend a scheduled course as set out by the training institution that the student is registered with. International students are unfortunately not allowed, according to the VISA regulations, to dictate how his training can be scheduled. All international students need to complete an attendance register at the training institution when attending training. Students must contact the training provider if any unforeseen reason should withhold the student from attending to any training that is scheduled.
Training must continue without any holdup due to financial shortage of student funds.
Any breach of the VISA regulations of South Africa will lead to the suspension and deportation of the student and a fine to the training institution with suspension of issuing any future Student VISA for the training organisation.