South Africa is a registered International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) state. This ensure that all our training and flight hours are recognised internationally and will allow all international student’s to be able to convert their licence in their own country once they return home.

To study in South African a study visa is required. A study visa allows a foreign national to reside in the Republic whilst studying at a South African.

To study in South Africa, the applicant must be accepted to study at 4 Aviators. Acceptance is proven by way of a letter of acceptance, which must be on the school’s letterhead and signed by or on behalf of the registrar.

The applicant must prove that he or she has access to the funds necessary to sustain him or herself for the duration of the course while studying in South Africa.

The applicant must be covered by a South African medical aid for the duration of the studies.

For more information click here: Visa Information