Application process

You would like to become a pilot, but you are not aware of how to go about it and how to start the journey to your goal.

Our staff is always ready to assist you and ensure guidance through the entire process to follow all the required procedures no matter what kind of citizenship you have or how extensive your past professional flight experience is. Our main goal is to make you feel confident and support your decision to establish your career path in aviation.

To start your application you can follow the following steps.

Step 1: Complete the following forms:

  1. Medical Insurance form for 12 months medical Insurance.
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. Upload the Medical Insurance application form and copy of your passport when completing the online application form
  4. If you have any questions you can email us at

Step 2: Make payment for the enrolment fees and scan and email the proof of payment to, Once we receive the funds in the account we will issue you with the following documents:

  1. Acceptance letter
  2. Medical Insurance Certificate for 12 months
  3. School Certificates

Please note that your initial application fees are not refundable!!

Step 3: Go to the South African Embassy and apply for your Student Visa.

Step4: Once you receive your Student VISA you need to inform us of your traveling plans

Step5: On arrival in South Africa you will be collected at the airport and dropped at your accommodation and an appointment with the CFI will be scheduled the next day.

Step6: The CFI will have an interview with you and make an appointment with a CAA approved medical examiner.

The Medical examiner will issue you with a class 1 or 2 medical certificate that will indicate you are fit to start your flight training.

Step 7: You will make certified copies of your Passport document and VISA and also get two colored passport photos to bring to the school.

Step 8:  A second meeting with the CFI will be held to complete your application form and pay your first payment for your training and the CFI will make appointments for your training to start.

Step 9: CFI will apply for your Student Pilots License