Foreign Licence Validation

An applicant, for the validation of a foreign licence for use on South African registered aircraft, is required to submit his or her valid foreign licence as well as a valid passport when applying for the validation.

This validation allows a pilot with a foreign licence to fly South African registered aircraft in South Africa on their foreign licence, as long as their foreign licence and medical is current. This validation is valid for 5 years and requires the following:

60 days Prior to arrival in South Africa the applicant will submit the following documents:

  1. Proof of payment for the application of the licence validation
  2. Certified Copy of Pilots Licence
  3. Certified Copy of Medical
  4. Certified Copy of Passport
  5. 2 colour passport photos
  6. CAA Application Form

On Arrival in South Africa:

  1. Logbook, Licence and Medical for verification
  2. Air law Exam
  3. Briefing on Density Altitude
  4. Briefing on Radio procedures in South Africa
  5. Cape Town International Airport procedures briefing
  6. Check Ride with Grade 2 or 1 Instructor

If a 28 day Validation is required it needs to be stated on the application.

28 day Validation will only be valid for 28 day’s from issue.