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Our mission in the Aviation Industry is to deliver a high-quality Pilot training program for our students, which enables them to thrive within the Aviation Industry. Keeping this as our goal for our students is our driving force that will allow 4 Aviator’s to keep growing as an aviation training company, through all the significant changes that flight training schools have experienced over the years.


4 Aviators is an established flight training centre in the Western Cape South Africa, based at the Cape Town International Airport. We are focused on teaching students from a young age to become pilots and give them an early start in their career of choice.


4 Aviators flight school operates from Cape Town International Airport. These procedures you are taught at the school and the amount of experience you gain as a pilot, operating form an International airport are of great value. The airspace congestion and mental demand will increase your ability to become a better trained Pilot.

4 Aviators Instructors will provide each student with their personal attention to ensure that each student advances at the best pace suited for that individual.  We teach students from the age of 15 years and we are here to make your dreams come true.

We tailor our packages to make it possible for you to achieve this dream in the most cost efficient way and we pride ourselves with the fact that we respect the financial sponsor of each and every student. We will do what we can to assist and save the student unnecessary financial burden without compromising safety and quality.

In relation to other currencies in the world, South Africa makes flight training and living expenses cheap for foreign students, in relation to other countries.

South Africa is an ICAO state and 4 Aviators is a registered school with the South African Civil Aviation Authority. South Africa use the same syllabus as EASA in Europe and all our training and flight hours are recognised internationally. Thus all international students can convert their license to their own country once they return home.


Our ATO (Aviation Training Organisation) CAA Registration number is: CAA/1013/ATO.

The registration can be confirmed with the South African Civil Aviation Authority on +27 11 545 1000 or email clientcare@caa.co.za


Our base at Cape Town have facility with briefing areas and classrooms.
Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town South Africa has four lit, paved runways. The high density of air traffic at Cape Town International Airport CTR helps students to prepare for the busy world of commercial aviation and the Cape Town CTR is a great environment in which to train. Students do not have to fly long distances to practice their skills with 2 General aviation areas north of Cape Town International airport and several other airfields are within a short distance.

Cape Town weather patterns are Mediterranean with winter rainfall. Winter time is remarkably our best time to fly and this gives us the ability to maximize our flight times.



Gerhard Mew
Accountable Manager

Chris Strauss
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Safety and Quality
Sharon Potgieter


Chris Strauss
Grade 2
Gerhard Mew
Grade 2

Michael Lovett
Grade 3

Stephan Zeller
Grade 3
Wian Botha
Grade 2

Erik Botha
Grade 2

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Grade 3

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Grade 2

Cornelius Botes

Grade 3

Evan Burger

Grade 3


4 Aviators is a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) certified Part 141 Flight School for Fixed-Wing training. We have been approved by the SACAA to provide flight training as stipulated on the Operations Specifications Certificate issued by the SACAA to 4 Aviators on registration number CAA0410.

South Africa is a registered International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) state. This ensure that all our training and flight hours are recognised internationally and will allow all international student’s to be able to convert their licence to their own country once they return home.